18th December 2017

Other Diagnostic Tools

Both clinics have laboratory equipment which we use to process blood, urine, faecal and skin samples. These samples can be used to diagnose conditions, monitor treatment and guide treatment choices. We have recently expanded our laboratory capabilities by upgrading some equipment and keep our facilities under review to allow us to provide increased services to our clients and their pets.

In addition to small animal laboratory work, we provide routine worming guidance for horses in the form of faecal worm egg counts.

We are able to examine certain samples under a microscope to provide information for the diagnosis and treatment of, for example, skin conditions.

In addition to laboratory equipement, we have other diagnostic tools such as ECG (electrocardiogram) which can be very useful in certain heart conditions and blood pressure monitoring, which is especially useful in certain medical conditions of dogs and cats.

We have a variety of other diagnostic tools and equipment and canĀ  advise you regarding appropriate testing for your animal(s).