20th January 2018


We routinely attend farms and equine yards to treat large animals. In addition, we are happy to attend pets in the home where this does not impact our ability to provide appropriate treatment.

We attend farms for tasks such as TB testing, herd/flock health plans, blood sampling, difficult births, dehorning/castrating and for the treatment of sick animals.

Equine calls can include routine tasks such as vaccination, sedation for dentistry/clipping, microchipping, passport completion and medication reviews. We also attend to sick or lame horses as well as emergencies, such as colic and wounds.

Home visits for pets are available where bringing the pet to the surgery is difficult or being seen at home is more appropriate. Sometimes we advise being seen at the surgery so that equipment for diagnosis and treatment is available. Examples of home visits include vaccinations for multiple animals, medication reviews, visiting nervous animals and also to ease stress during euthanasia.