4th April 2020

Information on Covid-19 For Clients – updated 28/06/20

For information about vaccinations, please see (page is updated regularly): https://www.peelvetclinic.co.uk/vaccinations-start-on-thursday-24th-april/

For information about our new postal service for wormers and flea treatments, please see https://www.peelvetclinic.co.uk/worm-flea-treatments-postal-service-during-covid-19-lockdown-update-03-04-20/

As previously posted, we are unfortunately closed to all but ill animals. Our emergency service is in place, manned by more vets and nurses than usual when we are closed. We want to first reassure our clients that if you need us we are here.

In true emergencies, we will obviously see your animals and treat them as needed. Please do not be alarmed if we ask you to wait outside or to step away, these measures may be employed to maintain social distancing. You will remain fully involved with decision making for your pet and kept up to date by phone or other remote means. (emergency fees apply).

If your pet is unwell, develops a condition (eg. ear problem, limp, skin condition) but this does not constitute an emergency, our vets will be available daily for telephone consultations. Please contact us to arrange this (fees apply). We may ask you to email photos or videos in to us.

Some animals may require a an appointment for urgently needed medications or tests. These will be arranged on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss.

We are undertaking vaccinations but are staggering these by date range.

We are beginning to undertake routine neutering but have limited places available. Please contact us by facebook message or email if you would like to book you pet in.

For those animals requiring more medication, please order this in good time, we recommend a week at this time. We will then ring you when your order is ready, take payment over the phone where appropriate and arrange a time for you to collect your medication. Please make it known to us that you have arrived by knocking on the door/window or if this goes unanswered, calling us. If you are unable to collect your medication, please speak to us as we may be able to help.

For our farmers/horse owners, a vet is always available to speak to and we will discuss with you whether we need to attend or we can arrange medications for you as above.

The previous general rules still apply:

a) We will maintain social distancing of 2m at all times.

b) Please do not attempt to come to the Practice without an arrangement in place.

c) Hand gel is available in reception and must be used immediately on entry to the surgery if you are invitied to come inside.

We are all responsible for reducing the spread of Covid-19 and these measures we have introduced are designed to protect our clients and staff. Please help us to continue providing you with our services by observing these rules.

We appreciate your patience at this difficult time. Please remember, if you need us, we are here.

General Information:

We would like to reassure clients that at this time, there is no evidence to suggest that animals can be infected with Covid-19.

1) We will be adhering to social distancing and ask that at all times you remain 2 metres away from other clients and our staff members.

2)The one person per animal rule applies and we ask that you adhere strictly to this.

2) We are only seeing emergencies from now on.

4) Online booking has been switched off.

5) All routine consultations and operations will be cancelled. We will be attempting to contact those clients who have bookings for these over the next day or so.

6) If you unsure as to whether your animal needs to be seen then please phone us and we will provide you with telephone triage and advise and decide if a consultation is required.

9) When you arrive for an emergency appointment please make us aware that that you have arrived from outside the building (wave through the window) wherever possible. We will be limiting clients in the waiting room to a maximum of one.

9) Anyone entering the building must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer where washing is not possible.

10) If you need to order repeat prescriptions, please phone in advance. Our deliveries are arriving less frequently, so we suggest that all medications are ordered one week in advance. As above when you come to collect them make your presence known and we will bring them out to you.

11) We would ask you to pay over the phone wherever possible, eg. for repeat prescriptions / drug orders.

12) May we remind you that if you, or someone that you live with or care for, has signs of Coronavirus (high temperature or a new cough) that you should NOT come into the practice. Please arrange for someone to bring them in on your behalf but please PHONE US in advance to let us know so that we can take the adequate precautions at our end to protect our staff.

Remember: we are ALL responsible for slowing the spread of the virus.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and patience with us during such a difficult time for everyone.

**One final reminder: Emergency care and care of sick animals will continue to be provided. Please do not fear – if your pet needs to be seen then they will be seen.**

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, please contact us at your usual surgery.